About Me


Who Am I?

My name is Thuyen Nguyen, from Melbourne, Australia. On any given day, I am:

  • A writer (novelist & screenwriting)
  • A film maker (live action shorts & animation)
  • A game developer (professional & indie)
  • A comic creator (writing & questionable artist)
  • A product manager for mobile personalisation and applications

So you could say that I'm one of them creative types (though the latter I do mostly for the money, I admit). And if you're reading this, you either know me, or you want to know me. You could also have just stumbled upon this site in your search for something else on the Internet, which means that our meeting is one of fate. EMBRACE THAT and stay awhile.

By the way, it's pronounced Twin.

What's this "Devinquest" thing?

It's the name of my company, if I actually had one. I was planning to set one up - even got the name registered as a trademark (that's why the ® is in the logo). Never went through with it in the end, so now it's just the name of my website, which is officially Devinquest® Melbourne Entertainment.

Devinquest is, perhaps not surprisingly, a made-up word. It doesn't mean anything (yet?), and it came to me one day during high school, after a maths class as I recall. Should you find any reference to Devinquest, it should be related to me. Unless someone else has borrowed/stolen it...


Featured Works


My second novel The King of Game Trivia is based on the game "Game Trivia Catechism" by Multiple:Option.

Al doesn't know why his cousin Sally would pay for his trip home, but he readily accepts. Little does he know though that she's secretly entered him into the King of Game Trivia Tournament and expects him to score the ten-thousand dollar grand prize. Unprepared for competition, can Al do what it takes to win while keeping sane of Sally's demands at the same time?

THE KING OF GAME TRIVIA is a story by a gamer for gamers. Stuffed with so many references to the world of video games, you'll be lost and confused if you don't know your Nintendo from your Sega. And with actual trivia questions peppered throughout, even hardcore players will be tested and entertained by this fun-filled and unique journey into gaming culture.

Get it today at Amazon. Sample the first chapter here.


My debut novel Note to Self is a story about an average guy and the girls who made him.

Tim Newman's spent most of his life trying to understand the opposite sex to no avail. From childhood crushes to random one-nighters, surely there's a way to learn from his mistakes so that the next one doesn't get away? Indeed, every guy out there can learn a thing or two from Tim's encounters - no matter how awkward or embarrassing.

Get it today at Amazon and Smashwords. Sample the first chapter here.


A Question of Promise Volume 1 collects the first eight issues together for the first time in graphic novel format. The premise is pretty simple. Eric is an ordinary twenty-something guy. His housemate Dice is an extraordinary sentient pool-of-water. Together with Eric's girlfriend Eden, they go on the biggest adventure of all - Life.

"I'm proud that [Thuyen] found me and persuaded me to read his work and pleased that it's so good."
- Al Lowe, Leisure Suit Larry

"A pleasant read, too, so long as you're not expecting any superheroes in tights."
- Eric Caoili, Joystiq

"Simple, funny and sweet."
- Michelle Hughes, Stray Cinema

Get it today at IndyPlanet.


Select Portfoilo

You'll find below a selection of my works, including film, machinima, writing and comics. Take your time and enjoy - frankly, if you've gotten this far, watching a video or two isn't going to put you out.


Retrenchment Game (2005)

Work and Play (2007)

An Unfair War (2006)

Bookstore (2005)

Bookstore 2 - A Reunion of Sorts (2005)

Bookstore 3 - Harry Strikes Back (2005)

Note to Self (2011)

The Most Powerful Person in the World (2007)

Same As It Ever Was (2008)

Osh10 - 'Mr. Sheen' (2008)

A Question of Promise Vol. 1 (2010)

The King of Game Trivia (2013)

Collective Noun Filmworks

These are films which I helped make under the group name Collective Noun Filmworks, whose members were myself, Mark Angeli, Jim Batt, Paul Callaghan, Justin Halliday, and Ian Malcolm. Some of these won awards too!


Sup Homes? (2002)

Pest Control (2002)

Misguided Tour (2003)

Arguments and Resolutions in Contemporary Romantic Relationships: A Case Study (2003)

Stripsearch (2004)

Nice Work If You Can Get It (2005)

City of Lies (2005)

Harvest (2006)

Lost and Found (2009)

Game Credits

As a professional games developer, I have been credited (mostly as a Designer) on these games, though I may not be necessary proud of that ;)


Le Mans 24 Hours (PS2)

Looney Tunes Space Race (PS2)

Men in Black II Alien Escape (PS2)

Transformers (PS2)

AFL Premiership 2006 (PS2)

Lucinda Green's Equestrian Challenge (PS2, PC)

Gaelic Games Football 2 (PS2)

Gaelic Games Hurling (PS2)

AFL Premiership 2007 (PS2)

Heatseeker (Wii)

Heroes Over Europe (X360, PS3, PC)


The Devinquest Network

I'm responsible (in more ways than one) for the following websites. They are part of the Devinquest Network, a collection of sites reflecting my creative work and various interests.

She's as cool as a cucumber, but as quiet as a mouse, with a smile so wide that you can't help but be charmed!
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A comic about a guy, a girl, and a sentient pool-of-water, as they go on the biggest adventure of all - Life.
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Indie homebrew games development for various platforms, including Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPad and PC.
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Let's Talk

Want to get in touch with me? I'd be happy to hear from you regarding anything from simple chats to job opportunities. Please use the contact form, or ping me on the following social sites:

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    Friends of Devinquest

    Here's a list of people I know and the great work that they do. Pay them a visit, will you?

    • Temple - Design studio, creators of the Devinquest® logo font
    • Jim Batt - Fellow member of Collective Noun Filmworks who is still living the dream
    • Stray Cinema - Open source filmmaking
    • Al Lowe - Famed creator of Lesiure Suit Larry, he wrote the foreword for A Question of Promise Vol. 1
    • Paul Callaghan - Another Collective Noun Filmworks alumni, he's big on games literacy and industry
    • Heroes Against Darkness - An indie d20 role-playing system that's free, fast and flexible
    • Hero Kids - a simple and fun D&D-style fantasy RPG for boys and girls aged from 4-10